Why should you take 200 hours Yoga Training course?

A lot of young people are now choosing to become yoga teachers because they want to help people. People in developed countries are becoming more aware of how their mental health affects their daily lives, which is a good thing. People are now more interested in becoming a yoga instructor. There are a lot of ways to become a yoga teacher. The 200-hour Yoga training course is the first thing you need to do. Being a yoga teacher is a very rewarding job, especially if you love to help people grow mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically. It is your opportunity to touch someone’s life in a positive way, teaching them to be flexible, how to build their strength and how to enhance their life, through a feeling of unity with all life.

Levels of Certification

There are two levels of Yoga certification that are widely agreed upon.
The first thing you should do before becoming a teacher is get a 200-hour certification. This is how long it will take you to get certified. There is a very small chance that any company will hire you unless you have at least the 200-hour certification.
The 500-hour certification is for people who want to make money and move up in their career. Most of the time, teachers who have completed the 200-hour certification will go on to do more work. Having a 500-hour certification is also very important if you want to open your own yoga studio one day. There are also some teachers who like to study for their own growth and the safety of their students.

What does a 200 hour Yoga Training Course means?

If your yoga teacher is certified by the International Yoga Alliance, this means that he or she has done all of the things they say are needed to become a certified yoga instructor. This means that there has been some research into yoga philosophy, anatomy, postures, and history, as well as its history. Hours of study must be done in each of these subjects in order to get a certificate as a Yoga Teacher, but the Yoga Alliance has a set number of hours for each one.

To me, a 200-hour yoga class is just a small speck on the surface of a huge ocean of information about yoga. We get to try out the water and get our feet wet for about 200 hours before we decide whether or not to join in.
If any yoga teacher thinks they know everything there is to know about practising and teaching this ancient tradition after taking a 200-hour class, look for another one. This is not true.

Topics covered in 200 hour Yoga training course?

  • Asana (Yoga Postures)

You’ll learn how to do asana safely and effectively with an in-depth look at 50 fundamental asanas and dynamic sequences. Instruction is based on Hatha but also includes Vinyasa-style cues. It’s easy for you to make your own teaching style because our method is so flexible. You can still teach the class you want while still meeting your students’ needs.

  • Yogic Philosophy and Meditation

Shambhava Yoga has a lot of focus on meditative things. Meditation techniques can be learned in both a classroom and a temple. Experienced teachers will show you how to do it. In Philosophy classes, you can learn about things like the yamas and niyamas, the Yoga Sutras, the interconnectedness of different traditions, and more.

  • Anatomy and Physiology

Pictures, videos, slideshow tutorials, and hands-on demonstrations complement the asana instruction to give you a deeper, more comprehensive understanding of how yoga postures affect our human anatomy and physiology.

  • Pranayama (Breathing Techniques)

Breath plays a vital role in regulating our physiology, mental state, emotions, and the ability to be present and focused. Deepen your understanding of breath’s role in yoga and wellness by learning to practice and teach 10 different pranayama techniques.

  • Teaching Methodology

Learn how to cue effectively, create sequences and classes, integrate themes, incorporate neutralizing poses, be inclusive and welcoming, build clientele and more! We include a variety of teaching exercises to put our discussions into action and build your confidence and ability to teach.

  • Assists and Modifications

Add depth to your teaching by assisting students personally. You’ll learn hands-on assists, how to use props for multi-level teaching, responsive cueing, mirroring, and more!

  • Sanksrit

Learn the history of the Sanskrit language, basic pronunciation principles, pose names and the translation of common words in yoga.

  • Professional Development

Learn ways to navigate your life’s dreams. Our team of experienced yoga educators share what they’ve learned over the years in yoga, business, and living the life you want. This includes ideas on where to gain opportunities to teach, what qualities you’ll want to demonstrate and how to present yourself.

Potential Schools to take up this course

Many schools worldwide offers Yoga training course. Mostly are affiliated with Yoga Alliance in USA who has standardized Yoga training course worldwide. In Euorpe France, UK & Spain have reputable institutes for Yoga training. In Asia, there are prestigious institute in India. There are many 200 hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh (India). It is very important that you choose your school wisely. This will help you in becoming a good Yoga instructor.

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