Why This CEO Spends Less Time In the Office and More Time With His Wife

Are you wondering how a CEO can achieve success while also making time for his family? It may seem impossible, but one CEO has done just that. By finding the right balance between work and family life, this CEO has seen his business soar while still finding time to take his wife on dates. In this blog post, we will look at why this CEO spends less time in the office and more time with his wife.

Defining Priorities

For successful small business owners, the key to success is having the right priorities. For one CEO, it’s more than just making profits and staying ahead of the competition — it’s also spending quality time with his wife.

A Small Business Coach, has found success in business by understanding what matters most and shifting his priorities accordingly. He used to work long hours and felt guilty if he wasn’t at the office, but realized he was missing out on valuable time with his wife. He decided that if he could create more balance between his professional and personal lives, he could not only be a better husband, but also make strides in his business.

As John put it, “I wanted to have something to show for all the time I was putting into my business, but I also wanted to have something to show for all the time I was putting into my marriage.” So, John made a conscious effort to focus on both, creating a plan to set aside time for work, as well as dates with his wife.

As a result, John found that by setting the right priorities, he could not only be present in his marriage, but also see his profits soar. After making this shift, John saw an increase in productivity, which led to higher profits and ultimately a better life for him and his wife.

The Power of Yes

The key to success in business is learning how to focus your time on the most important tasks, while saying ‘yes’ to the right opportunities. That’s something that small business coach David Berg learned firsthand when he changed his priorities and made his family life a top priority.

By saying ‘yes’ to more date nights with his wife, he was able to remain focused on what mattered most: growing his business and maintaining a strong relationship with his family. Berg’s decision to prioritize family time was soon followed by soaring profits for his business. His change in strategy taught him an invaluable lesson about success: it’s not just about saying ‘no’ to certain things, but also about being open to the opportunities that come from saying ‘yes.’

When Berg says yes to a project or opportunity, he approaches it with renewed enthusiasm and dedication. It’s this focus on what matters that has allowed him to make the most of every opportunity and increase his business’s success. As Berg explains, “Every opportunity that I take on makes me more committed to succeeding because I know my family is counting on me. It’s a powerful motivator that helps me stay focused and grow my business.”


When it comes to achieving success in business, delegation is key. For small business owners, this means surrounding yourself with talented people and trusting them to get the job done. By freeing up your time to focus on higher-level tasks, you can make better use of your resources and increase your chances of success.

As a small business coach, I’ve seen first-hand how effective delegation can help an entrepreneur soar. When business owners learn to let go of the reigns and give their team members the freedom to do their jobs, they can witness amazing results.

For many successful entrepreneurs, it’s the ability to find a balance between work and home life that has helped them become profitable and reach their goals. With effective delegation, entrepreneurs can enjoy the profits of their hard work while still being able to enjoy quality time with their loved ones.

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