Why You Can’t Do Without A Grapple Bucket For Your Bobcat

Many skid steer and tractor owners out there know the importance of having a regular and sturdy bucket. It is a must-have when we have to move heaps of materials around the work site, and you can do a lot of stuff with them like grading and digging if you have a well-made, high-quality bucket.

However, Bobcat grapple buckets have earned their place among the essential skid steer attachments everyone should have. 

Recently, there was this project where we had to cut down a large, sick sycamore tree that threatened to fall on top of a roof. The workers made short work of it in a couple of hours, and it was time to clean up. There was an immense amount of material to pick up and it was spread over a relatively wide area. There was no way we could carry it all and dump it on the truck by dinner time with just our regular bucket or a pallet fork, and imagining how many man-hours it would take to move all that stuff by hand can make your back hurt just thinking about it.

Fortunately, we had brought a Bobcat grapple bucket we bought from Spartan Equipment. We had only used it for small projects and were itching to try it. We had asked Spartan to send us something that could carry large logs and debris without having to cut logs a thousand times, so they sent us a 72” wide bucket that looked very imposing.

We attached it to the Bobcat and went for it. The flat edge went flush with the ground and easily scooped a nice bundle, then the grapples secured the load effortlessly. We noticed this bucket could be opened wide and was unusually deep (33.5” according to their website), which was a life saver for it shortened the trips and made our lives a lot easier that day.

The Bobcat grapple bucket is of great use when you need to stack up a fire, or just load the wood onto a truck. 

After that, we tested it against some of our old skid steer attachments and noticed how well-made this Bobcat grapple bucket is. The hoses are housed inside robust tubing to protect them from stray limbs and debris, giving the operator a lot more confidence when picking up loose material. 

We were worried about the width as some buckets tend to develop an ugly bow in the middle after a while and start to look saggy. However, Spartan Equipment reinforced the bucket with a ribbed bottom and solid wear bars for good measure. This thing is definitely built like a tank, and it is well worth the money as you end up saving a lot of man-hours and headaches with it.

We recommend you visit Spartan Equipment and get yourself a Bobcat grapple bucket or any other tool you need for your business or farm. Everything they build is as sturdy as it can be, and they offer solid financing options and customer care. Highly recommended.

Uneeb Khan
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