Why You Should Never Fit Your Own Gas Boiler

Why You Should Never Fit Your Own Gas Boiler

You’re looking for a new, more energy-efficient boiler. You also want to save money. You’ve done some DIY and concluded that it’s not difficult at all. All you have to do now is cover the cost of the boiler, get your toolbox out, and get started. It’s only attaching some pipes and connecting them up,

However, there are several vital reasons for obtaining a professional, certified specialist.

It’s Illegal

To install a boiler, you must first be licensed by the Gas Safe Register. That implies you’ve received training and demonstrated the ability to install a variety of different boilers as well as provide routine maintenance. You’ll be able to verify that they’re on the register if you ever hire someone to work on your boiler.

It’s Dangerous

It is, in fact, quite dangerous. It’s not like dealing with ordinary plumbing, where a face full of water is a possibility if you make a mistake. An explosion can occur if your gas connections are even slightly out of alignment. Even though everything appears to be OK, carbon monoxide leaks may be deadly in the long run. Every year

If you are not a licensed gas boiler installer and perform work that you should not, not only could you put people’s lives at risk but you could face jail time as a result of your carelessness.

It’s Against Building Regulations

There are several different regulations that address the installation of boilers and other similar equipment. You must be aware of these and make sure you follow them. Even if you’re installing an LPG boiler, you should double-check to ensure it satisfies local government standards.

The Benefits of a Qualified Boiler Installer

  • Even if you believe it will save you money, performing it yourself is simply not an option. Getting it wrong has major repercussions.
  • The boiler warranty will not be invalidated if you hire a qualified contractor to install it. Manufacturers insist that any boiler must be installed by someone who is experienced and properly certified. If you perform the installation yourself and the boiler subsequently fails, the manufacturer will have a legal basis for refusing repairs.
  • If you want to know what your boiler’s condition is, this will probably be the most expensive option. A professional installer will be able to ensure that you receive the right boiler for your needs, as well as to conduct checks on the rest of your central heating system. This includes flushing out your system before installing the new boiler.

Gas and Cowboys Don’t Mix

Unless you are on the Gas Safe Register, you should not install a gas boiler yourself. Hire a trained professional company such as Bumblebee Heating who will fulfil all the legal requirements.

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