With Bengal Tour Plans Enjoy Trip To Offbeat Places Near Kolkata

There are many nearby Offbeat Places Near Kolkata for weekend getaways. Kolkata is an awesome city to live in. But you must be aware of the Offbeat Places Near Kolkata. Where to go if you need some change or thrill, like a whole day shikara ride, enjoy the beauty of nature, feel the serenity near the riverside, explore offbeat places near Kolkata, etc. As you are not very far from some of these places if you are living in Kolkata, weekend getaways are the best idea to use free time. For this, you need some basic things like medicines, comfortable clothes, etc., which will be helpful in any condition. You can also go on trekking or other adventure activities near Kolkata, which are exciting and fun-filled. It is necessary to get good quality tents if you are planning to camp near Kolkata. Tents are usually easy to set up and takedown. However, tents are often bulky, so if you are traveling by train or plane, you may need to get a smaller tent so it will fit under your seat or in your cabin luggage. 

Things To Take During Trip To Offbeat Places Near Kolkata

Your weekend tours to Offbeat Places Near Kolkata require a simple and easy-to-carry bag that will be used for your journey. The best luggage to take is a duffel bag available in all outlets, including the airport. If you need an extra bag for any purpose, you can buy it from any company to ensure the best material and quality products. Planning for weekend trips should also always include having enough comfortable clothes and shoes and medication, and supplies that you might need to take along. If you plan to go trekking or hiking, you should take warm clothing and other items to ensure your comfort during the trip. Never forget to pack a first aid kit as necessities such as medicines and tools for addressing minor scrapes and cuts. You should plan for things like these when you plan any trip, especially if it is a long drive or a hike.

Top Offbeat Places Near Kolkata To Go For A Trip:

You have noticed that many of you are still escaping from the grip of the fear that Offbeat Places Near Kolkata; here’s a list of 10 Offbeat Places Near Kolkata near your home where your trip to paradise can be arranged!


This list is for those who want to explore Kolkata and itching to step out of the house. And have a good time. Here are the top ten Offbeat Places Near Kolkata, unexplored by most people and unexploited by the tour operators. You’ll be able to visit each place. Breathe in all the positivity around, chat with the locals there, click pictures wherever possible, with Bengal Tour Plans. 

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