Wondfo Chemiluminescent Assay: High Standard

Since we’ve been offering IVD devices for more than 30 years, Wondfo has established itself as the industry leader in at-home testing. The chemiluminescent assay machines from Wondfo are a great illustration of the high standards we uphold.

Advantages of using chemiluminescence assays

The advantages of using a chemiluminescence immunoassay analyzer (CLIA) include the ability to quickly and easily identify specific compounds in a sample and the potential to detect fewer substances than other methods. This technique is particularly advantageous in environmental and health assessments, where lower detection levels may be beneficial. The chemiluminescence reaction also does not produce emissions or by-products that may negatively impact the environment, making it an environmentally friendly method for detecting substances.

Chemiluminescence immunoassay is a popular and reliable method for detecting antigens in biological samples.CLIA is based on the principle of chemiluminescence, which is a luminescence produced by the interaction of excited electrons with anions in solution. The presence of the antigen will cause the sample to glow and can be detected with a photodiode or other optical device.

There are several advantages to using CLIA over other antigen detection methods. First, CLIA is easy to perform and does not require specialized equipment or expertise. Second, CLIA is rapid and accurate, making it ideal for use in a diagnostic setting. Third, CLIA is more sensitive than other methods and can therefore identify smaller concentrations of antigens. Finally, CLIA has low background noise and can detect multiple targets simultaneously.

An Overview of Wondfo Chemiluminescent Immunoassay

A Wondfo chemiluminescent immunoassay is used to identify different chemical compounds in a sample. It uses the chemiluminescence principle, in which a chemical reaction produces light. Sensors then pick up this light and turn it into electrical signals. The analyzer processes these signals to determine the substance’s concentration. Clinical laboratories frequently employ the Wondfo chemical analyzer to measure blood parameters.


The chemiluminescent immunoassay from Wondfo is a laboratory device used to analyze the presence and concentration of chemicals in whole blood, blood and serum specimens. They use light to detect the presence and concentration of specific chemicals in a sample, which is then analyzed using traditional biochemical methods.

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