Wordle Alternatives

Since Qourdle became immensely popular and was acquired by The New York Times, several free alternatives to it have appeared online. These games vary in style and offer various features ranging from ad-free play to themed puzzles like four-letter swear words or Pokemon.

Nerdle, an unabashedly math-centric version of Wordle, tests your mathematical acumen while Quordle gives you six guesses at two Wordle-esque puzzles at the same time.


Wordle, the popular five-letter word game that swept the Internet daily, has inspired several offshoots. One such variant, Antiwordle, takes on this goal but takes an anticlockwise spin with simple rules: gray tiles indicate letters that don’t belong in the word; yellow ones must be included for all subsequent guesses; while red tiles must always be avoided at any cost.

Queerdle, another Wordle alternative, describes itself as the “yassification of Wordle”, providing users with four to eight-letter words related to LGBTQ culture and community every day. Quordle challenges players to figure out four words at once – it may be more challenging than Wordle but still very enjoyable! With practice comes improvement – play on!


Wordle is an engaging brain teaser, but its spin-off games may prove more appealing. These fun mind games take the brainstorming concept even further while offering an entertaining distraction or great way to strengthen one’s memory.

Waffle offers an interesting alternative to Wordle, which requires guessing letters without showing you which are in their appropriate places. Instead, Waffle provides all of the letters necessary on its five-by-five waffle grid and challenges you to form six words within 15 tries or less – creating an immersive word puzzle game! Similar in concept but focusing more heavily on word unjumbling than on guessing letters randomly arranged on a grid.

Sedecordle offers 21 chances to guess 16 five-letter words; it requires more than just having an expansive vocabulary to succeed at this game.


Wordle gamers looking for a more competitive experience should try Squabble. This game takes Wordle puzzles one step further by pitting players against one another in a lobby environment and requires them to guess five-lettered words within six attempts (just like in Wordle), however points will be deducted for every incorrect attempt and every second spent thinking about other words; players may regain hit points by solving puzzles successfully.

Wheeldle is an excellent way for Wordle fans who wish to hone their skills on a larger screen to expand upon what Wordle offers, featuring an old-school arcade-style interface reminiscent of retro games. Offering an unlimited number of word challenges free to play – headphones or earbuds may be necessary in order to hear each challenge’s song!


Hello Wordl is one of the first Wordle clones to debut and offers all of its original features; unlike other games that only allow for one puzzle per day, Hello Wordl provides unlimited games per day and lets users select how long their words should be (from four letters up to eleven letters).

This game is enjoyable and easy to play, requiring players to think creatively outside the pattern while improving vocabulary and spelling skills.

Star Wars fans can test their knowledge by playing SWordle, an interactive word guessing game for iOS and Android devices with daily themes related to this epic universe. Unfortunately, however, due to a lack of colorblind mode this may not be suitable for everyone.


Dordle is a variant of Wordle that adds an extra challenge. Players have seven chances to guess two words at the same time on twin 6×5 grids; every word entry simultaneously appears on both grids with yellow squares for letters that belong in the word but in different places and green tiles for correctly placed letters as helpful hints.

Dordle requires more strategic thought when entering each word than Wordle does; each incorrect entry costs you one second of life that depletes every second if entered incorrectly; however, you can restore this life when entering correct letters – the game offers both daily and free play modes!

Zeeshan Khan