Top 7 best WordPress backup and restore plugins

top 7 best wordpress backup and restore plugins

I even installed “Fini!” A few days ago. File backup plugin for WordPress for my assurance. I really wasn’t expecting much from using this data backup copy, but to my surprise, only a few days later I had a few edit files from Ando downsizing in my point and you need to access the short .htaccess files. This was done in the cPanel file editor – Displays the name of the file and click occur introduced in addition to means of forming the contents of the file into the destination file.

This was probably a simple example, how important support is, I have a lot of parts of the individual code in my .htaccess file and can give some time to add them manually again. Thanks to my backup plugin, it only took 3 minutes. Someone who has been through similar situations? Please inform the history.

This story is also the only reason I never use data backup as I tend to make a bunch of changes to my staff and external plugin archives and when I struggled at the point of error. A copy of the really useful and time-saving safety practice.

Floppy disks

I optimally and must be done for each backup the future plugins are:

  • The programming of the backup copy (daily, weekly, etc.).
  • Archive a backup copy of the registry.
  • Option + Plugins sub-directory (dots).
  • Identify e-mail
  • Copy of safety manual
  • Easy restore

The characteristics of all things are part of the security copy can myself use the plugin. Help me sleep better at night because my salary backup is always and safe. How are you, where is his favorite copy of the security plug-in?

Top 7 Best WordPress Backup & Restore Plugins

There is a wide variety of plugins for WordPress Backup that are available for free, and each has something to add, a large number of functions that have already been developed and alive. Each plugin has something that might call a certain group of people to find out what exactly these changes are that we are experiencing in our list immediately.

If you opt for a proper SSL plugin as well as appropriate redirects and secure your site with a superior recovery plugin, you will indeed have room to make the most of your site.


The reason my google logo is used to load the unit this plugin allows you to make backups of your backups directly to google drive, that’s pretty nice, it’s one of the reasons you need a security copy is the result of a decrease on the server.

The tasks of the backup copy:

  • Programming
  • Store Department and / or Google
  • Verify files with a backup copy
  • Email alerts
  • Great documentation

Good documentation means that it is not easy to achieve something that is going and compatible. This, along with many other popular external backup plugins, is great and shouldn’t be a problem if it hopes you don’t want to.

Backup @ plugins for WordPress

Oh, and you’re good to go! Backup

The backup plugin, I use this wonder of the technological world and I am completely Ador Arlo! In particular, in what I need and as I have already mentioned, I already have some with me once.

Oh, and you’re good to go! The tasks of the backup copy:

  • Dropbox backup or FTP copy
  • Program for automatic data backup
  • A backup copy of the file or in a database
  • Safety data
  • WordPress powered recovery


This plugin that we hear in our search for external plugins from the WordPress Post plugin is amazing to work with, but it has limited free account capacity and therefore offers premium plans.

It has eliminated over 500,000 times now – plus there is some demand for the free version. This is mainly due to the amount of services Improbable This plugin allows you to download a backup copy.

  • Load too low: S3, unit, Rackspace Dropbox, FTP, etc., etc.
  • Easy recovery
  • A backup copy of the data for new transfer sites (space)
  • A relaunch error in the event of a shock ends (always).
  • Data backup.
  • Translation completed
  • Divide large sites (archives)

These are some of the features completely in the list that the Plus plugin is offering on the rise. For the web developer, I recommend the hooked version of the Developer Edition and the easier to work with this plugin for your clients.
Current to the increase of More @ plugins for WordPress

Online backup

As already stated, this WordPress backup copy plugin will also allow it to encrypt files than a very neat Security copy if you really have confidential content on your website. (Such as blogs, private or blogs offer training).

The tasks of an online backup:

  • AES encryption
  • Principi with friends
  • Exclude files / folders.
  • Free online storage (if needed).
  • Community support framework for forums

I waited to get more information about free online storage, but the security techniques site for really slow copy. I’m not sure what I would recommend that ever works, but it eventually got some attention.

WordPress Security Copy page for more information.
Online backup @ plugins for WordPress

Free BackWPup

As you already have the tendency here? Are external plugins FREE with limited functionality as premium options available? Interesting.

The BackWPup add-in is eliminated in the backup executive board of more plugins for WordPress (than one might find), with a total of over 1 million downloads. It is an external plugin that made a lot of features and storage sites for remote access.

  • Export to XML
  • Database repair / check optimization /
  • Unlikely load (FTP, Dropbox, S3, Azure, Rackspace, SugarSync)
  • Email registration
  • More languages ​​(German, French, Russian, Chinese, English)

The features of the Pro unit can also in Google and Amazon Glacier, but we already have the external plugins in the list log, this is completely free of charge to us. Like I said, each plugin offers something the other doesn’t, make your time choosing the best. I was ready! Safe copy because it is simpler and more efficient, and today my website already does not require, which does.

BackWPup @ plugins for WordPress

WP-DB Backup

If it is necessary to make a backup copy of a database every now and then, this plugin is the right form to do it. With nearly 2 million downloads in the most popular WordPress plugin copy databases.

WP-db-BACKUP @ plugins for WordPress

Store backup data daily (Keep Backup Daily)

It is part of the install and M’olvide to write external plugins and does not require maintenance. You have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly options of the warranty copy. All “versions” of the backup are done by email and can optionally be directories if you want. Very simple and efficient.

Store the daily backup data of @ plugins for WordPress

Backup plugins download links

  1. BackWPup – WordPress Backup Plugin
  2. BackUpWordPress
  3. WordPress UpdraftPlus backup plugin

Backup copy of external WordPress plugins

Just feel safe about your blog and know that everything is still behind the scenes. Premium Services, provides a backup copy of the data you have without you having to make one – but why pay when we can reach for free?

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