9 basic WordPress tricks for web designers

9 basic WordPress tricks for web designers

Although it is an easy platform to use, not knowing some basic WordPress tricks can make it complex for those who are just starting out. 

Therefore, today we present you with some tricks that will help you perform on this platform like a professional.

1. Be picky about plugins

WordPress plugins are a great option for extending the functionality of a website, but some can decrease its performance. 

To avoid this, only install plugins that are absolutely necessary and make sure they come from reputable developers.

If you don’t know the developer, do some research and look up user reviews or ratings online for a true reference.

One of the basic WordPress tricks for plugins is to perform tests before installing them, to verify if they affect your website in any way during their use.

2. Basic WordPress tricks: don’t make one more website

One of the most attractive parts of this platform is the ease it offers you to build your website. 

The challenge, when designing a website on this platform, is not to stay basic and repetitive.

By doing so, you only achieve that the pages of your website designed on this platform, transmit to the end-user a feeling.

One of the basic WordPress tricks to avoid having a simple website is to push the limits, get out of your comfort zone and dare to create something different.

The Enable Media Replace plugin allows you to replace an image in the media file without the need to delete it or reload the image.  

3. Upload multimedia content the right way

One of the basic tricks of WordPress is that the website loads quickly.

For that reason, it is important that the files, images, and plugins that you upload to the website are optimized and do not slow it down.

This removes at least some of the margin for error and helps you keep your website running at its best.

This is one of the basic tricks of WordPress since when using the structure of the name of the publication, you see in the link the title of the article in the URL of the page. 

4. Use more readable permanent links

So change the permalinks to something more consumable, like: https://https://www.webdevelopmentcompanylahore.com/.com/blog/. 

Permalinks are the URLs that direct the user to a specific page within your website. 

In the standard format for WordPress permalinks, they usually look like this: https://www.webdevelopmentcompanylahore.com/.com/?p=123. 

As you can see, these types of links are easy for computers to read and understand, but they are not human readable.

In this way, it is not only easier for your users to read, but it also brings you SEO benefits, improving the positioning of your website.

5. WordPress basics: add a favicon on the website

Using a favicon is another of the basic WordPress tricks that prevent you from creating websites that cut cookies.

A favicon is a small logo that is located next to the URL in the browser bar or on the tab itself (depending on the browser used). 

It is a simple and creative way to personalize the website.

To use it, just enter the “Appearance” section of the WordPress menu, click “Customize” and upload an image with the dimensions indicated by the theme, as it may vary.

6. Save time by using a base theme

One of the basic WordPress tricks when starting a website is to choose a theme that is close to what your client imagines. 

However, it is very difficult for it to fully adapt to what you want, and modifying it can be more complicated than it seems.

For this reason, learn how to create a “base theme” that allows you to use the functionality you want in the final design and modify the parts you need, without damaging the possibility of future updates. 

At its core, creating a base theme is great foresight – it allows for further customization now and in the future.

7. Use WordPress roles

As a web developer, be careful about the roles and permissions you give your clients on the website dashboard.

Educating your customers on how to use the website is a great help, but use the functions and capabilities to hide certain menu options from basic users.

By blocking these features, you not only protect the website from inexperienced hands, but you also save them the expense of having to fix it every time a user modifies it. 

One of the basic WordPress tricks that we recommend is to give you notes and instructions so that your clients know how your website works. 

In this way, you allow them to use it in a more intuitive way and they will not have so many doubts about it.

8. WordPress basics: create strong passwords

WordPress is an incredibly popular content management platform, which is why it is often under attack. 

The password is the first line of defense against these hackers, which is why many seek to crack it to access the website account.

Therefore, having a random and complicated password is the best alternative to avoid these attacks. 

Another one of the basic WordPress tricks is to use alternate usernames to avoid leaks in the security of the website.

9. Give someone a WordPress website, they will use it and break it. Teach him how to use WordPress and he will appreciate it forever.

Like this old saying, it is much easier for you to trust the future of your creation if you know that your client knows how it works. 

So if your client doesn’t really know what he’s doing with WordPress, spend a little time and energy teaching him all about it.

Use one of the basic WordPress tricks already mentioned, such as notes, instructions, and videos on the dashboard to reduce help messages and make it easier for you to use the website.

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