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Creating amazing charts emr is important for a physician’s practice. It can help you to recall patients lists based on medication, disease, and lab results. It can also integrate with your practice management software. It can also help you to automatically pull in radiology, lab, and procedure reports. It can also help you to do e-prescribing.

Recalling patients lists based on medication, disease, lab result

EMA is a little more than a well-trained lab animal. EMA can be used to its hilt, including the following examples: a) automated documentation, b) medical records, c) billing, d) laboratory results, and e) patient care. EMA does all this and more with minimal overhead. The cost of maintaining a large database is well absorbed by the thousands of doctors and nurses who rely on it to keep their patients healthy. It also enables medical professionals to keep a pulse on what their patients are eating, which translates into better patient outcomes. It’s no wonder EMA is on the radar of medical professionals worldwide. It’s also no wonder that EMA has won numerous awards including EMA’s coveted award for the Best Healthcare Documentation Solution by the Medical Informatics Forum. It also helps that EMA is the brainchild of the illustrious MT Lussier. EMA has a nifty way of displaying medical data in a neat and tidy way.

Automatically pulling in radiology, lab, and procedure reports

Whether you’re in the throes of transitioning to an electronic medical record, or simply looking for a way to document more efficiently, Amazing Charts is the EHR for you. Its affordable, easy to use, and is ICD-10 compliant. In addition to its EHR features, it also offers Practice Management and Remote Care solutions.

The biggest time saver, however, is the automatic reporting function. This feature allows you to search for lab results that are pertinent to at-risk groups.

In addition to automatically pulling in lab, radiology, and procedure reports, Amazing Charts offers a full suite of practice management solutions. These solutions include electronic health records, remote care, practice management, and population health. The system’s ease of use, cost effectiveness, and user-friendly interface have made it the EHR of choice for many medical practices.

The company is also known for its one-on-one technical support. The customer support team is made up of experienced medical professionals, and is available at all times of the day and night. A free trial is available to new users. This is great for practices looking to evaluate the software before they make a purchase.

Amazing Charts also boasts a well-designed user interface that makes it easy to find information on the fly. Hover over a report to get a list of options for editing or deleting. You can also add a report to your favorites list.

Another useful feature is the SmartTools, or charting shortcuts. These include a shortcut to pull in lab and radiology reports and a quick reference guide to ICD-10 codes.

A final tidbit is the fact that Amazing Charts offers practice management solutions that can help you run a more efficient and effective practice.

e-prescribing function

Using Amazing Charts e-prescribing function makes it easier for doctors to record patient encounters. Amazing Charts e-prescriptions are generated and populated quickly. The system also helps with drug interactions and allergies.

Amazing Charts e-prescriptions include a large list of inbuilt reports. Users can also request custom reports. The system can also send electronic faxes to pharmacies outside of the network. It also has a drag and drop mechanic, so that it’s easy to enter the information.

The e-prescriptions include important patient information, including lab results. The system also displays the medications prescribed and the patient’s history.

It also includes an import tool that allows users to transfer data from other systems. It also has a trial version that allows users to test all of the features.

Amazing Charts is an EHR solution that’s designed by physicians. It helps independent medical practices save time, money, and reduce administrative burden. The system is easy to use and inexpensive.

Amazing Charts also includes an import tool that makes it easier to migrate data from other systems. It’s a simple, convenient way to transfer data. Users can also create complex database queries using Amazing Charts.

Amazing Charts also includes a reporting tool that provides doctors with important information about patients. The system also includes pre-built templates and rules for clinical decision support.

Amazing Charts is a convenient, simple, and affordable EHR system. The system is a favorite among independent medical practices. It includes interfaces with medical devices, document management systems, and the State Immunization Registry.

Amazing Charts also includes a clinical decision support feature, allowing doctors to search for prescriptions using various criteria. The search window allows users to search by name, zip code, and many other criteria. It also allows users to add patients to the system and search for open slots. It also allows users to edit visit durations.

Integrations with practice management software

Designed and built by a physician, Amazing Charts EMR software is an easy-to-use and affordable solution for independent medical practices. It includes everything a small practice needs to run efficiently, including an electronic health record, e-prescribing, patient portals, and medical billing services.

Amazing Charts EMR software helps to reduce clinician burnout, improve efficiency, and lower the cost of running a medical practice. It is powered by NewCrop and Dragon Naturally Speaking, and is Meaningful Use certified. It is compatible with multiple devices and can be deployed in the cloud.

Amazing Charts offers solutions for multiple specialties, including family medicine, dermatology, obstetrics and gynecology, orthopedics, psychiatry, cardiology, and surgery. It can also be used for population health management, as well as telemedicine services. The software is certified to meet HIPAA standards.

The software also provides a comprehensive reporting tool. It has pre-built templates that simplify the workflow for physicians. It also allows them to create complex database queries. The drag and drop mechanic makes it easier to enter patient information. It also includes a feature that allows doctors to search through the database using various criteria.

Amazing Charts EHR is also HIPAA-certified. It has been designed to work on desktop and mobile devices. It can also be used to ingest patient data from outside agencies. It has a low upfront setup cost. It has hundreds of useful clinical templates.

It also includes a full revenue cycle management system. It offers patient portals and secure messaging. It has built-in disaster recovery. It has a streamlined and efficient billing process. The software can help providers communicate with patients via mobile devices, including Facebook and Twitter. It also reduces no-shows by sending automated alerts to patients.

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Developed by a family physician in Rhode Island, Amazing Charts is an electronic health record (EHR) software solution for small medical practices. It is available as a cloud-based, on-premise or software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering.

Amazing Charts offers a number of features that help doctors document patient visits. For example, the company has a feature that allows doctors to search for patient information by a number of criteria. It also converts notes into text documents. These features help doctors save time and money.

Amazing Charts also provides a comprehensive reporting tool, including a variety of templates. These templates are designed to help doctors create accurate and consistent records. The company also provides users with a backup utility, which helps them store and retrieve data.

Amazing Charts is compatible with most Microsoft Windows Operating Systems. It also works on both desktop and mobile devices. It is certified to meet Meaningful Use standards. It also has an import tool, which allows users to import data from other systems.

Amazing Charts also offers an e-prescribing feature, which allows doctors to input prescription details directly into the system. However, users can still input details manually if they prefer. It also provides medication instructions in 18 different languages. It also connects to a large number of pharmacies.

Amazing Charts offers an easy-to-use interface. It is designed to simplify charting workflow, and it is compatible with a wide range of devices. It also features a voice recognition feature, which makes it easy to speak notes to patients.

Amazing Charts offers a free three-month trial. It also offers a support and maintenance plan, which costs $1195 per clinician. It is a reliable and affordable solution for small practices.

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