7 Ways to Have an At-Home Spa Day

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Who doesn’t want an at-home spa day? There’s nothing better than relaxing in the comfort and convenience of your home. But, you might be wondering how you can create the same incredible experience you get at the spa and have it translate over in the same way to your home just the same. Well, the best way to accomplish this is with small steps that are realistic and practical and help to create and ultimately build that same spa-like experience, but this time in your home rather than a spa. You can get a tub pillow, purchase a new candle with a calming scent that you light next time you take a bath, use bath salts, or put on a relaxing face mask. Other ways to create this spa-like experience include listening to relaxing music, heating your towels, and hydrating with a refreshing, clean, and enjoyable beverage. 

1. Get a Tub Pillow

A tub pillow can be an excellent way for you to have an at-home spa day. The everlasting comfort tub pillow is a fantastic choice as they specifically make the product for optimal relaxation and comfort. It is fast-drying and has a cushion to support your head, neck, and back. It has thick padding and a headrest for additional support. The tub pillow is also washable and portable.

The tub pillow from everlasting comfort can help elevate your entire experience in the bath and bring that spa-like feeling right into your home. You can sit back, relax on the headrest, and enjoy your calming time in the tub with the same comfort you would find at a spa. However, it is even better since you have the convenience, privacy, and added luxury of still being in your home.

2. Light a Candle

Lighting a candle at the start of your bath with a calming scent, such as lavender or jasmine, can significantly help elevate the entire experience and make it feel more like you are at a spa than ever. However, any candle that you enjoy the smell of works just fine and can help create this relaxing spa effect in your home.

3. Try Using Calming Bath Salts

You can use calming bath salts to elevate your time bathing at home and make it feel like a spa. If you can purchase bath salts meant for soaking in the tub, laying back, and relaxing in the tub, as the soothing salts will work their magic, relaxing you and helping to soften your skin. You can create a DIY solution for bath salts, as well, by mixing about three cups of Epsom salt with about one and a half cups of coarse sea salt and a half cup of baking soda, and then adding in 15-20 drops of essential oils and mixing the entire solution. To store, put it in a cold, dry setting and use about half of a cup for each hot bath that you soak in.

4. Put on a Face Mask

There are so many incredible face mask options. You can DIY your own one or purchase it for yourself. Either way, there is nothing more relaxing that will help create that same atmosphere you get when you go to a spa than a rejuvenating face mask. Your face will feel more clean, fresh, cleansed, and hydrated.

5. Listen to Relaxing Music 

Putting on a relaxing music playlist can do wonders in helping create this spa experience at home. You can find many playlists already available on several platforms, or create one so you can select each song and ensure they are ones you genuinely enjoy listening to and find relaxing. 

6. Heat Your Towels

Heating your towels can go a long way in upgrading your entire home experience and help make it feel more like a spa. They will help make this period much more luxurious and comfortable for you, whether you use a heated towel after a relaxing bath, rejuvenating shower, or take a dip in the pool, jacuzzi, or hot tub.

To heat your towels, you can purchase a towel warmer, also known as a heated towel rail, which comes at various prices depending on its quality, size, energy source, durability, control features, and railings. If you do not have the space or ability to afford a heated towel rack, another way to heat your towels for a spa-like experience at home is using a radiator by placing your towel on it if you happen to have one already. Or, dampening your towel and then putting it in the dryer for a few minutes also works as it will generally come out warm and fluffy afterward.

7. Stay Hydrated 

At spas, there is almost always an area where you can find refreshing, delicious, flavorful, and healthy stations for hydrating yourself, like water infused with lemon, mint, or another sort. To have a more spa-like experience, you can easily recreate this hydrating spa water, but put your twist on it and personalize it to be what you like. Mixing ice-cold water with ingredients of your choice can accomplish this.

One simple, quick, and excellent recipe you can try calls for cold water, cucumber, or any fruit you decide, such as a strawberry, lime juice, ice, and optional sugar. Just mix the ingredients in a pitcher or a jar, and you’re ready. Also, a great tip is to leave the refreshing beverage in your refrigerator overnight for it to be even more flavorful, tasty, and refreshing from the ingredients being able to infuse with the water for even longer, making for an even more incredible taste. 

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