Best Free Online Games

When it comes to online games, there are plenty of options. Some are free to play, while others require a subscription plan. But there are some that don’t have a monetization model at all and that still manage to be great. Here are a few of the best games that you can play online without spending a dime!


This is one of the most popular multiplayer games in the world are available on Mejoress. It’s a first-person shooter that can be played with anyone anywhere in the world at any time. It’s a fun game that also offers you many different types of missions and challenges.


This free-to-play first-person shooter is a game that is influenced by Counter-Strike. It’s a competitive game where players can play with both Counter-Strike-like gameplay as well as MOBA-like heroes. It’s not the easiest game to get a handle on, but if you can find a good match and work with your team, then you’ll be in for a real treat.

Battle Royales

Another great option for first-person shooters is Fortnite, a wildly popular game that has a lot to offer both casual and competitive gamers. It’s got a great set of maps and challenges, and it continues to evolve with frequent updates.


If you’re looking for a sandbox that encourages you to think creatively, then you can’t go wrong with Spelunky. The game has a cave with a different layout every time you play, and you have to explore and try to survive.

Line Rider

If you like physics and sandbox games, then Line Rider is the game for you! In this game, you have to draw lines that the main character, Bosh, can slide down on his sled. You have to think creatively about where you want your lines to go, and how you’re going to move.


This game is a fun way to spend some time with your friends! It involves a few rounds in which you can draw while the rest of your group guesses what you’re drawing.


If you love to draw, then this game is perfect for you! It’s a web-based game that is available on almost all browsers. You have to draw lines on the screen that Google’s AI can guess what you’re drawing.

Genshin Impact

This is a clone of Breath of the Wild, but it’s so much more than that. It’s an open world RPG that features tons of characters, hundreds of hours of content, and an incredibly deep system for leveling up and boosting your abilities.

This is a game that you can download on your phone or computer for free, and that has been a hit with the gaming community. It’s a great game to play with your family or friends and has a variety of modes for you to choose from. It also has microtransactions that can help you level up quickly, but they don’t feel unfair at all.

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