Where to Buy an Apartment In Istanbul?

Where to Buy an Apartment In Istanbul?

Buying an apartment in Istanbul can be a daunting task. The Turkish city has an eclectic mix of old and new buildings, and any property you purchase will need to fit into both the neighborhood’s aesthetic and style.

If you’re looking for help deciding where to buy apartment in Istanbul, we’ve put together our opinion. We are going to discuss some of the best neighborhoods for buying apartments in Turkey’s largest city.

Where should I live?

There are hundreds (if not thousands) of neighborhoods that could fall under the best category. We feel like these three represent each end of the spectrum when choosing luxury homes in Turkey for sale.

  • Luxury living at its finest.
  • Family-oriented vibes.
  • Lively nightlife with plenty of restaurants and cafes.

Each of these neighborhoods offers something different, so you have the option to buy an apartment in Istanbul where it suits your lifestyle best!

Best neighborhoods to Buy Apartment in Istanbul

Here are a few of the best neighborhoods to buy an apartment in Istanbul:

1- Etiler & Levent

Let’s start with upmarket areas like Etiler & Levent, which offer great amenities for ex-pats looking to live a luxurious lifestyle. These areas are home to some of the most expensive real estate in Istanbul, and buying an apartment here will set you back a pretty penny!

If your budget for the property is high but not unlimited, then these neighborhoods may be worth your while as they offer access to many amenities which would otherwise have been unattainable – from luxury spas & gyms to five-star restaurants.

2- Sarıyer

If budget is not an issue and you want more space or privacy out of life, then perhaps one of the outer suburbs might suit you better. We recommend Sarıyer, where properties tend to be larger than inner-city living spaces, perfect for those who need room to breathe.

3- Arnavutköy

There’s also Arnavutköy, which offers a more family-oriented lifestyle. If you want to raise your kids in Istanbul but don’t feel like living right smack bang in the city center is for you, then this might be an option worth looking into.


Beyoğlu is also one of the top neighborhoods to buy apartments in Istanbul. It is the heart of nightlife and entertainment, with everything from restaurants and cafes to bars, clubs, theatres, and shopping malls within walking distance. For this reason, Beyoğlu also attracts a young crowd who love partying.

5- Esenyurt 

Esenyurt is a quiet neighborhood located on the outskirts of Istanbul. Esenyurt offers great transportation links to other parts of the city and many modern amenities that will make life easy for those who choose this location – including shopping malls and hospitals. Moreover, it is the best option to buy a cheap apartment for sale in Istanbul Turkey.

6- Şişli

And finally, there’s Şişli. While it may not have as much greenery or space as Sarıyer & Arnavutköy, it does offer that lively nightlife scene with plenty of cafes and restaurants to choose from when hunger pangs strike at midnight.

Each of these neighborhoods offers something different, so you have the option to buy an apartment in Istanbul where it suits your lifestyle best.

There are also many other sub-neighborhoods within the larger districts, so feel free to pick any area you like. We hope that our list will give you a general idea of where to buy an apartment in Istanbul.

What kind of apartment should I buy?

This depends entirely upon your needs and how you plan to use them. If you live by yourself or with one other person, buying an individual property might suit you better than getting a shared place together.

Companies like Park Avenue offer further insight into what’s available in terms of properties for sale in Istanbul at each price point. So if that sounds like something interesting to explore after learning where best to buy an apartment in Istanbul, then check it out.

Things to Keep in Mind while Buying Property in Istanbul

There are a few things to keep in mind while buying property in Istanbul:

  • The first is that you should always keep your personal needs and requirements top of mind. It will determine the kind of apartment which best suits you.
  • Second, check what’s available right now at different price points before making any decisions. If it means waiting for a certain type or size of the apartment to become available. It might just save you time & energy once all properties matching your criteria have been bought out.
  • And lastly, don’t be too emotional about purchasing an apartment. No matter how much you love it (or think you do). Take some time off from seeing potential homes, and then return to see them with fresh eyes later on. This way, you’re less likely to jump into something for the sake of it.

Let us help you find your dream home in Istanbul

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