Create professional business videos that grasp the attention

Create professional business videos that grasp the attention

Do you know a product video increases chances of purchase by 144%? And it can also result in a strong ROI. To create a small business video for marketing your brand or services is a no-brainer. It’s an accessible and shareable way to tell your audience about the company’s core message.

Like many brands out there, you may not have all the in-house resources to create marketing videos. But that shouldn’t discourage you from figuring out how to make and post brand videos to grow your business. When you don’t have tons of skills and experience in creating videos, it looks like the only option you have is to pay huge sums for an expert to do it. However, that shouldn’t be the case.

The good news is that you got an option in making your marketing videos. Even with limited experience and resources, you can launch great video marketing campaigns. Check out the tips below to help you build solid and affordable videos to promote your business.

Best Tips to Create Attention Capturing Business Videos

Develop a Video Production Plan

Before you begin rolling in video production, you should have a plan. A good plan makes the video-making and editing process flow smoothly. Start by identifying the goals and mission of creating videos. Then, come up with a plan that aligns with those goals.

A storyboard or a script to explain what your video shows are essential. Apart from that, you need to figure out major points you want to get across to your viewers. And those are vital facts of interactive video. Once you have the script and main points of focus, you can share them with your team. That allows those involved in your project to share their feedback and contribute. Besides getting feedback, sharing helps your team players to stay on the same page and track the video-making process.

Showcase Brand Personality in Your Video

You have many competitors, which requires you to stand out in your marketing campaigns. So, keep in mind that you’re not the only one producing brand videos. Your potential buyers may not enjoy reading your long text about what you offer. But visual content is more accessible, digestible, and shareable. Therefore, ensure to figure out how you can use a video to showcase your brand’s personality in a relatable and memorable way.

 Ever purchased an item just because you loved that brand’s personality? Chances are, you may have seen a video about the brand. You can always create a small business video like what you saw as you seek to market your brand.

You’re wondering how to showcase brand personality? Ensure, to be honest with yourself when it comes to on-camera skills. If you have a charismatic team player in your video, put them in front of the camera. Make several takes, upload, and edit out all unnecessary pauses. Trim and slip your clips until you make video transitions look natural.

Explain Your Product or Services Clearly

For sure, you understand your products or services better than anyone else. Don’t assume your potential buyers know the ins and outs of your brand too. When creating your brand videos, you shouldn’t jump right to marketing.

Approach your products as if you aren’t aware of what it is, what they can do, or what problems they can solve. Begin telling yourself a story about your brand and take it to your customers. Do you want to market a digital product? Learn and create a quality screen capture. Make sure you demonstrate typical use of your brand.

When your viewers identify with the issue, you’re solving it on the screen. They get engaged as you introduce your products. You can use repetition but avoid being too fast. If your brand is physical, show your potential buyers what it does and how it will help them.

You should make your video helpful while avoiding over-explaining. Take advantage of video annotations or captions to explain any aspect of your product that isn’t obvious. More to that, you can apply captions to supplement your voice-over narration.

Blend Both Entertaining and Informational Value

Millions of videos are on the internet, and not everyone would sit through your video. That’s why you should figure out the value of your video to the audience. Is your video telling a great story? Does it show how to solve an issue? Is there an insider reward like a discount code? You should add value to your video.

You can create a viral video by adding some value to it. That way, your content will be shared beyond your inner circle friends. Many people are just altruistic when they find a clear benefit if they watch your video.

But where do you begin to give your audience informational value? You can provide social credibility by creating smart and informative content they can share. Does your brand solve a problem? Present your viewers with the solution in a way it sounds revolutionary.

What do you offer to speed up a task your audience needs to perform often? You may use pictures in picture editing and demonstrate how much quicker one can accomplish the task using your brand. If you choose to go with a tangible benefit like discount codes, ensure to make it easy for your audience to get. Include a clickable link in your video.

Edit Your Video to Tell a Brand Story

From the time you started your business to where you’re now, that can be a good story to tell. Many viewers would want to hear about your business journey. And you can create a small business video that highlights your business trying moments and how you overcame them. That can attract and maintain your audience’s attention to the end.

When telling the story in your video, make sure it’s coherent. You can begin with planning, writing, and then editing. Having a nice and tidy ending will be great. However, you would want to build suspense if you’re producing marketing videos in a series. Keep your videos cohesive and remind your audience how your products benefit them.

Brand Your Marketing Video

The best way to compel your viewers to watch your content is to give the video a great title. A good title also helps to enhance a better ranking on search engines. You should include a quality description and tags for your video. Apart from that, you can use hashtags in your video title, which makes it easy for your audience to find your content with the right keywords.

Promote Your Video

At this point, you have great video content. Ensure to export it to more than one platform. Don’t limit yourself to one platform since most of your potential buyers are spread over social media. Therefore, posting your video to those platforms widens your brand reach.


With the above tips, you will market your business like a pro video producer. You should be discouraged by a limited advertising budget. You can begin with your smartphone’s online video editor, and you will create a viral video for your brand. Don’t wait any longer to start marketing your business through videos. Today is the right time.