Elegant Custom Pencil Boxes Wholesale Packaging


Wholesale play a significant role in any business. You can buy your favorite custom boxes in large quantities in bulk at a business-friendly cost. And then, utilize these elegant boxes to expand your brand value and sale. The short orders increase printing costs. But bulk printing reduces per-piece cost. That’s why wholesale ordering is more beneficial for you rather than short-run. More than that, we are offering a maximum discount on your first order. So don’t miss that chance and boost your business with iCustomBoxes.

Heavy duty Material for Custom pencil boxes:

Buy environment-friendly cardboard, kraft, and rigid material for custom pencil boxes. You can recycle these materials and then reuse them for other custom box manufacturing. It is the solution for those who have purchased custom boxes wholesale but have extra stock. They can recycle these boxes, and their money will never waste. Also, you will find these boxes durable and perforation free after recycling because we have used 110% pure material for these boxes. The kraft and cardboard material boxes are economical too.

Secure custom pencil boxes dispatching with custom packaging:

The pencil is made up of delicate lead, which can break easily due to colliding during transportation. That’s why pack pencils in custom cardboard inserts. These inserts keep the pencil in a lenient position and prevent striking and moving during transport. And the cardboard and kraft boxes contain moisture, UV rays, and all environmental factors from entering the box. And it can’t be pressed due to or bent due to durability. More we do lamination and coating to prevent the custom box from humidity, scratches and fingerprints, dust, etc. The lamination and coating increase box durability and make the printed surface smooth and eye-catching. We have

  • Matte lamination
  • Gloss lamination
  • Aqueous coating
  • Spot UV

Make custom pencil boxes 100% environment friendly:

The custom cardboard and kraft boxes are 100% recyclable until you don’t apply laminations.  We have matte and gloss lamination, which are not naturally free. You can use liquid base aqueous coating for 100% recyclable packaging. It is applied in liquid foam by heating, and other laminations are applied as a layer. You can get both matte and glossy effects with an aqueous coating. It is more economical because the water-based solvent is less in cost.

Unique design with CMYK and PMS color schemes:

Do you want to introduce something to your custom boxes with a never seen design? We can do this for you because we have the most accomplished design expert team. Which invents an attractive and elegant design for your product. And for mind-blowing funky color combos, we have PMS and CMYK color schemes. The PMS color scheme is ideal for getting desired color shades combos. You can use any of them, but PMS costs more than CMYK.

Grab kid’s attention towards your glittery pencils:

The pencil boxes can be customized in any box style. Usually, people use tuck-front or reverse tuck-in boxes for pencil packaging. You can choose a custom sleeve, tray box style, or any other. Kids are choosy about stationery, and colorful and glittery pencils are their favorite. They get excited whenever they enter the shop and force their parents to buy these pencils for them. But how can they see these pencils without opening the pencil box? You have two options.

Option 1 (die-cut window for inner glance)

You can choose any box style for custom pencil boxes with lock but personalize these boxes with die-cut windows. It helps to show off your product without opening the box. And the glittery pencils get dirty and black due to dust and touching again and again while opening again and again. The die-cut window makes a custom box sealed with PVC sheets. In this way, it’s safe from environmental factors. More, the custom box looks so grace-full with a die-cut style. We customize die-cut windows in different shapes like trees, stars, suns, etc. And with CMYK or PMS-designed borders for a more attractive appearance. You can also use sparkling hot foil stamping for a shiny effect.

Option 2 (Custom counter display boxes)

You can display your elegant pencils in custom counter display boxes. We customize these boxes according to the pencils’ quantity and length. And you can vertically keep your pencils in display with custom inserts just like lollipop boxes are supported. Your pencil looks so charming in the shop. Also, the counter display boxes save place issues and prevent your product from continuously opening. You can keep these boxes on the cash counter, stationary section, etc.

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