Drop Servicing – A solution or an exploitation?

Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing

Often people like to earn money the easy way. They have passion, but they tend to lack the skill required to fulfill an undertaking. Such people work through a service pattern called the Drop Servicing business.

It works this way; a person finds a client that needs to get work done, these clients are often kept in the dark and are unaware that the person is outsourcing/reappropriating the job to somebody else.

The drop-servicing personis the middle man. They contact/ hire another person for their task, give them a portion of cash, and keep all the initial payment coming from the client.

It brings tons of opportunities for freelancers, but is it a solution or just exploitation of labor?

It is only fair to say that the people who drop servicing have to invest work and time into finding the right person for the task, but keeping the more significant share of payment for it is probably not that fair.

Drop Servicing – A solution

Here is a list of the most common services of this process:

Articles and Blog writing

Social media marketing

Graphic designing

YouTube ads

Web developing

Social media advertising

Fiver, Upwork, Shopify, and other related sites are the biggest hubs of drop-servicing. People have fixed prices to service, and the client is only concerned about delivering the task. Their concern ends when they give the order.

Drop-servicing business

is a good solution for people who do not want to work full-time on service but still like to freelance from time to time.

Drop-servicing is an exploitation of a freelancer working full time with a commitment since a large sum of client’s payments goes to the “Middle man.”

It is also a breach of conscience and ethical misconduct to commit to a client and then gets the work done by somebody else. But this is how these substantial E-commerce companies stand out in the market: the more people, the merrier.

There are people with proficient skills who cannot locate a client, and there are individuals who have a great deal of work but, unfortunately, not the perfect individuals to make it happen.

The conclusion being, the job of Drop-Servicing brings both of them together and gets a share out of profit. It all comes around to having the right contacts.

If you are planning to start a business of drop-servicing, make sure that you know your niche, identify the right talent, and know suitable clients.

Your fair share of earning and promise to work is the only thing that will make you a pro at it.

As the e-commerce world progresses, the need for this service increases. It is profitable to all the stakeholders.

The client is getting the work they need, the freelancer is getting a job, and the middle man is also earning.

If you are willing to start a service of this sort, start your research today, you will understand all the dynamics and be the best at it.

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