What Are The Most Common Types Of Nose Disorders?

disease of sinusitis

When you inhale using your two nostrils, air travels from your nasal passages. This air moves to your nasal cavity and ends in your lungs after passing through the trachea. Your nose filters warm and moistens the air before entering the area of your lungs.

Thanks to the human olfactory epithelium. It is a tissue that is covered completely in mucus. This mucus lines your nasal cavity. Epithelium works to make you able to smell different odors. It has many olfactory receptors, you can say in millions of numbers.

These receptors bind with certain odor molecules in order to help you to identify specific smells. In fact, you can smell one trillion odors that are different. Otolaryngologists and ENT physicians are specialized in rhinology, a study of disorders of sinuses and the nose.

They diagnose and treat different disorders of the nose. Following are common nose disorders that people can have.


It is an infection and inflammation in the area of the sinuses, certain air-filled cavities are present within the face. These cavities branch off from the area of your nasal cavity. Many people are diagnosed with the condition known as chronic sinusitis each year.

It is a common health problem in different areas including the United States. To diagnose the disease of sinusitis, your ENT uses a CT scan and X-rays. Doctors can give you nasal steroid sprays, antibiotics, irrigations, decongestants, and antihistamines if you have an acute infection.

Your doctor may prefer to perform a surgery known as endoscopic sinus surgery (ESS) if medications are not working to recover infection. Sometimes infections recur after the treatment. Doctors perform ESS frequently on many outpatients using general or local anesthesia.

An ENT surgeon tries to insert a fiber-optic tube inside the area of your nose that permits him to examine the openings of the sinus. After this, he moves certain tissues using this thin tube.

These tissues inhibit the nasal passage. Doctors use some micro-telescopes and state-of-the-art instruments for examination.

Some patients can experience mild levels of discomfort. A minimal swelling will appear in the affected area. You will not get scars in the affected area.

Deviated Septum

The nasal septum refers to a vertical wall that works to divide your nasal cavity. When we talk about the ideal nasal septum, it is the midline exactly. It separates the left and right sides of your nose into passageways. These passageways have the same size.

It is reported that 80% of nasal septums are slightly off-center. If the septum is shifted or altered away from the midline, the condition refers to a deviated septum. It can cause frequent nosebleeds and nasal congestion. Moreover, it can block your one or two nostrils.

This blockage can cause difficulty in breathing. It leads to recurrence of sinus infections, headache, noisy breathing when you sleep.

It can also induce facial pain in people. In order to make deviated septum correct, doctors use a surgical procedure known as septoplasty. They perform this surgical procedure through your nostrils.

Usually, doctors recommend it to improve your breathing. Sometimes, they combine it with sinus surgery. Your ENT physician can also perform it to check the inner area of your nose before removing polyps or tumors.

A surgeon removes the portions that are badly deviated during an operation. He reinserts them into the area of your nose. This procedure takes 90 minutes to complete. Your doctor can perform it using a general anesthetic.

Nasal Polyps

Nasal polyps refer to non-cancerous growths present on the lining of the sinus or nose. These are soft growths that can be caused by inflammation. Many allergies can lead to inflammation. Small nasal polyps may not induce symptoms in you.

Multiple polyps and larger growths can lead to the manifestation of infections frequently. People can also suffer breathing issues from these polyps. Sometimes medicines are enough to treat polyps. They successfully eliminate or shrink polyps.

But patients need surgical removal with medications in order to stop the development of polyps. If you are concerned for your loved ones regarding the issues of nose disorders and if they are having symptoms of nose disorders, guide them well.

Find the best ENT physician for your loved one or yourself to get timely treatment if you are facing the symptoms of nose disorder or any health condition. It helps you to protect yourself from serious complications in the future.

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