3 SEO Shopify Expert Tips for Your eCommerce Store

To state the obvious, optimizing your eCommerce store is a long and time-consuming process. If you don’t have the services of an SEO Shopify expert, it would be challenging to craft a powerful SEO strategy and execute it as well.

But if you’re just looking for some guidance on how you can boost your digital presence and improve your ranking, here are 3 tips you can draw from to run a successful Shopify business.

This is not an exhaustive list but it should help you get started and on the right track.

Start with the Website Architecture

Your website’s architecture refers to how the information on your website is organized and prioritized. In a nutshell, your website’s architecture lets users know where they are in relation to the whole site or the hierarchy of the pages on the site. It makes navigation easy.

If your site doesn’t have a category menu, for example, it would be really difficult for buyers to find what they need.

Google looks at your website in much the same way as users do. It tries to make sense of what your website is about by crawling indexable URLs to determine the context.

If Google can’t find enough context to decide what your website is about because your site is disorganized, you’ll have a difficult time ranking for your keywords. And this is why your website’s structure is important for SEO.

You can start improving your Shopify website by including breadcrumb navigation on it. Here’s a quick guide from Shopify on how to do it:

  • From your Shopify admin, go to Online Store > Themes.
  • Next to Simple, click Customize.
  • Click Theme settings.
  • Click Cart.
  • Check Show breadcrumb navigation.
  • Click Save

You should also clean up your URLs and make them readable and meaningful URLs for both your visitors and Google.

A messy URL looks like this: https://www.shopify.com/index.php?page=blog

A clean URL looks like this: https://www.shopify.com.ph/learn/tutorials/add-and-edit-pages

Setup Effective Keywords

Are your pages optimized for the right keywords? They should be. Keywords are the foundation of a good SEO marketing strategy.

To find the right keywords, you should know your target market well so that you can put together topics that your target customers like and that are related to your product.

Think from the perspective of the customer. What search terms would your target customers use to find your products?

You can also use a keyword tool to get an idea of a keyword’s search volume, the estimated competition for that keyword in both organic search and paid search, and the CPC or cost-per-click for the keyword. The higher the CPC, the more valuable is the keyword.

You want to choose a keyword with a high-volume search if you have a big site and you are confident that you can handle the competition. Otherwise, stay with less-competitive keywords that are specific to your niche.

You also want to choose high-intent keywords or keywords that signify a strong intent on the part of the searcher to buy, inquire, and other actions that lead to sales. Keywords are one element you can use to optimize your pages for search engines.

Use Shopify SEO Apps for Your Site

If you don’t have an SEO agency to help you with your store, at least make sure to use SEO tools for your site. They are designed to improve your search engine rankings.

Some SEO apps that you can use are:

  • Plugin SEO
  • Smart SEO
  • SEO Image Optimizer
  • Yoast

Choose one depending on the SEO issues you need to improve or fix.

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