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5 Tips on How to Find Your Style of Women Clothing


Would you like to change your wardrobe with women clothing, while reflecting your preferences? If daily gatherings cause discomfort, then it’s time to decide what style of clothes can reveal your personality.

Use Our 5 Styling Tips in Sequence to Maximize Your Personality Through Your Looks:

Look for Inspiration

Finding inspiration in fashion is a task that every girl can do. To begin with, remember the stars whose beauty and manner of dress (in everyday life and during social events) you admire. You can also write down the characters’ names from movies or TV shows where you like the character’s style.

This Could Be:

  • outrageous Kerry Bradshaw,
  • the urban elegance of the Olsen sisters,
  • gorgeous outfits from the red carpet,
  • discreet costumes of presenters on TV and more.

Use hashtags to explore as many fashions as you can on Instagram or Pinterest. Write down every detail that interests you: the cut of the skirt, the colour of the T-shirt, the hairstyle, or the earrings. The larger the list, the more likely your new wardrobe will genuinely reflect your fashion and comfort preferences, as well as highlight your personality.

Get Organized

Don’t buy new items until you make room for them in your closet. Sort out those that have not been worn in the last year. Be honest with yourself: you will never wear skirts, dresses, or jackets. Don’t forget your home and sports wardrobe. Leave the jeans, quality trench coats, and classic cut trousers, which most likely will not go out of style.

All that was left, classified in the order of frequency of use:

  • for study or work,
  • walks,
  • for vacation,
  • to the exit.

Create combinations in each category. And only now will you see what women clothing are missing to create the desired look (similar to the pictures on Pinterest).

Buy Smart

Logic is not a hindrance to beauty or comfort. To shop wisely and not regret wasted money, we recommend:

  • study the range of goods without discounts;
  • buy new things that match the color or texture to the old ones;
  • purchase quality clothing;
  • do not create an image around accessories;
  • take only your actual size.

Emotional buying can lead to new spending. For example, a custom design bag or brightly colored shoes require the right combination with your women clothing.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Goals

A detailed list that you have compiled about you will help you find your style. Write down where you have been mainly during the past year and plan to be next year. When describing, use your natural environment, places of visit, dress codes of events. The choice of places and surroundings can change, but the wardrobe can also be partially updated.

Stock Up on Accessories

Don’t neglect to buy accessories. Yes, they should be chosen last, but this does not diminish their importance. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, thin chains, scarves, belts, and handbags can amazingly highlight your beauty. So be sure to revisit your Pinterest board in line with the trends and buy some wholesale sterling silver gemstone jewelry. Before determining the style and shopping for new items, we recommend that you determine your color type. This will help you match your skin and hair tone with the color of the fabric. We also recommend making a list of essential items of a women’s wardrobe (skirt, trousers, trench coat, T-shirt, jeans, etc.), considering the details you constantly wear. This classification will save money and cabinet space.

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