Author: Zeeshan Khan


Totallyscience provides scientists with a platform that allows them to collaborate on real-time projects, improving efficiency and communication while making more accurate discoveries. Features of Code Review Software for Scientific….

Earn Money From Freelance Jobs on Guru

Guru provides members with an opportunity to earn extra income by taking on freelance work ranging from interview essay writers and MetaTrader programmers, among others. Clients can select to make….

Digital Personality Chargomez1

Chargomez1 has amassed an extensive following across YouTube, Instagram and TikTok with entertaining videos that engage their viewers and garner many collaborations with companies across industries. But what truly sets….

Creating Cartoon Style Profile Pictures

Cartoon profile pics offer an easy and non-intrusive way of expressing yourself online without using real photos as avatars. They’re especially handy for use on public forums where it would….