Great Benefits of a Mink Coat

If you’re looking for the most comfortable and warm coat out there, you want to wear a mink jacket. Mink is stylish, sleek, and timeless, whether it’s a reversible mink jacket, a sections jacket, or even a cape. Here is everything you need to know about mink coats just in time for the chilly season.

The history of mink jackets
Fur has been a timeless classic for a reason. It’s majestic, luxurious, and versatile. Here’s how we came to wearing mink coats to holiday parties.

At the beginning, fur coats were only for rulers and high priests in ancient Egypt, including mink and chinchilla. Nobles and the wealthy were often the ones sporting the finest fur going forward. But in the 1500, the fur trade picked up between the Native American and European.

Interestingly enough, beaver fur was the most coveted at the time. But in the 1800s, the fur trade had slowed down and silk was becoming more desirable. In the 19th century, furs could be produced at a faster rate with technology that made it shinier and silkier. They remained a luxury item.

Mink fur, in particular, was prized. It was often linked to beauty and it was a lot harder to come by since the animals required high-quality care to create better coat quality. Mink fur had become a status symbol.

Mink was becoming more and more popular. It wasn’t just for the wealthy anymore. Since then, technology and education has led to a sustainable mink fur trade with trusted companies that understand the fur’s beauty and symbolism.

Maximilian has an abundance of mink fur coat options, from a reversible mink jacket to vests and capes. You’ll find an abundance of colors and a consistent quality that can’t be matched.

The benefits of mink jackets
So why mink? Unlike the usual fluffy coats, mink is very unique. Here are all the benefits to wearing a mink jacket.

Different Look
Mink is not your ordinary fur coat. Unlike a long, fluffy coat, mink is often sleeker, both the fur and the shape. You’ll find very flattering shapes that are shorter and more form-fitting. The fur itself is also a lot shinier, giving it a very distinct appearance.

Super Stylish
While mink isn’t only for the wealthy these days, it still has a bold presence that makes a statement. Wearing mink will immediately get you attention. It’s bold and luxurious, making it a stylish choice for any occasion.

Super Soft
Mink is the softest fur you’ll ever come across. It’s comfortable and soothing to wear. You’ll feel cozy in a mink coat.

Mink is one of the most durable furs out there. If you take proper care of your mink coat, it will last for years and years. And during that time, it will remain soft and sleek and shiny.

Mink can be worn all year long. It’s short fur, providing enough warmth for a cold day but enough breathability on a day that’s not as chilly. You can wear a mink coat when it’s warmer outside so this isn’t a coat you’ll dump in the back of the closet once winter is over.

Furs aren’t the most cost effective coats. But they last a long, long time with the right care. Fur coats can be worn for decades, meaning you won’t have to keep buying a jacket year after year. A mink fur coat can also be made into other products once it’s done with its life as a coat, working as a blanket, pillow case, scarf, and more.

Looking for a quality mink coat from a trustworthy fur coat manufacturer? Maximilian is made up of a team of fur coat experts that will help you find the perfect coat for you, based on fit, style, and more.

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