How Much Does It Cost for Washing Machine Repair?

The typical family of four makes around eight to ten heaps of clothing each week. When the washing machine doesn’t function as it ought to, it can unleash ruin on ordinary living. If a gas or electric dryer breaks, you want to utilize another option, similar to a coin laundromat. The sort of washing machine you own affects the expense to repair. Since compact and Semi-automatic have a lower buy cost. They are usually the most economical to fix. In any case, you might think that it is hard to find a repair specialist with experience chipping away at these fewer famous models. 

The general expense to repair a washing machine midpoint is $150 to $300. The average homeowner pays $200 for fixing an awful seal or faulty water level switch, both common issues. The most minimal expense to repair washing machine issues like a harmed hose is $100. 

It includes work and parts. But to be sure how much it costs to repair the machine, its part and models stay with us. We will discuss this here.  

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  4. Portable Washing Machine Repair 
  5. Semi-automatic Washing Machine Repair 
  6. Top Loader Washing Machine Repair 
  7. Front-Load Washing Machine Repair 
  8. Integrated Washing Machine 
  9. Washing Machine Repair Cost by Type of Repair 

Washing Machine Repair Cost 

National average cost $200
Normal range  $150-$300
Least cost  $100
Most extreme cost  $375

Cost by Project Range 

Low $100 Simple fix like a harmed hose
Normal $200 Supplant the belt or coupling
High $375 Supplant the fomenter or the unit’s transmission

Cost by types 

Type Average Cost
Portable $80 – $150
Semi-automatic  $100 – $200
Top Loader $150 – $225
Front Load $200 – $300
Integrated $250 – $350

Portable Washing Machine Repair 

Portable washing machines are tiny units that can be moved around the home on a case-by-case basis. Since the compact washer is associated with your fixture, association issues can emerge and influence the water supply. The clock can glitch, causing incorrect wash times. The typical expense to fix a Portable washer is somewhere between $80 and $150 for parts and work. 

Semi-automatic Washing Machine Repair 

Semi-automatic washing machines incorporate two tubs for washing and drying. After the garments have turned in the principal tub, you move them to the second tub for drying. Normal issues found in Semi-automatic washers incorporate channel issues identified with a flawed control module. If the water depletes and occupies simultaneously, a valve might require supplanting. The regular expense for Semi-automatic washing machine repair services is $100 to $200, including parts and work. 

Top Loader Washing Machine Repair 

Completely programmed washing machines are likewise called top loader machines. It is the most well-known kind of washer utilized in families around the United States. Top loader washers can have a defective entryway switch that keeps the washer from running. Another issue could be a harmed channel siphon two that isn’t disposing of the water when entering the twisted cycle. The typical expense is around $150 to $225 for parts and repairs of a completely programmed washing machine. 

Front-Load Washing Machine Repair 

A front-load washing machine includes a plan that permits you to put garments in from the machine’s face. This high-effectiveness configuration utilizes less water during wash cycles. So, front-load washer repair issues incorporate holes because of broken hoses and an awful belt that keeps the machine turning. Front-load washer repair goes from $200 to $300, including parts and work. 

Integrated Washing Machine 

An integrated washing machine is a washer incorporated into a storeroom and sits behind a cabinet door. So, many people pick an included washer to coordinate with the washer and dryer to the remainder of their style. Most Integrated washing machines are front-stacking and face similar issues as the available kind. Nonetheless, you might pay a higher pace of $250 to $350 if openness is troublesome. For instance, a project worker might have to eliminate cupboards to get to any moving parts. 

Washing Machine Repair Cost by Type of Repair 

The sort of repair directs the specific expense to fix a washing machine. Minor parts that can be changed out without much stretch will not be just as expensive as repairs that require dismantling and reassembling the device to repair. Next are parts that can come up short and the typical expense for an expert to fix. 

PartAverage Repair Costs (Labor Included)
Drain Hose$75 – $125
Inlet Valve$75 – $125
Coupling$80 – $100
Lid Switch$90 – $150
Pressure Switch$100 – $175
Shutoff Valve$100 – $225
Shock Absorber$105 – $230
Door Lock$110 – $200
Bearings$150 – $260
Door$150 – $275
Drum Bearings$175 – $200
Belt$180 – $275
Transmission$200 – $350
Gasket$230 – $300
Pump$300 – $400
Drum$350 – $550


Managing washing machine system issues can be a problem. However, fortunately, most repairs are generally cheap and considerably more expensive than expected to supplant the whole unit. Hiring reliable washing machine repair services will surely provide good work and give some good packages if your fridge has more than one issue.

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