What is the future of web development?

Technology advances fast which is no secret, which is why it is very important to keep abreast of the latest developments in the world of web development. To stop learning is to get stuck in something that in a few years will be almost obsolete or that will simply not be effective. This makes many wonders where the future of web development is heading. In this article, we will talk in-depth about the trends and practices that experts believe will become the future of it. 

It is important to bear in mind that in this case, we are not referring to the trends in the marketing world, but to those things that developers are learning and that in some time will end up becoming the standard of web development. In other words, to the technologies that will become standard in the not too distant future. 

What will web development bring us in the future? 

the future of web development
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Cloud web development 

The current trend is that the entire future of web development will be in the cloud. In this way, applications can always be available, compatible with any device, . Without having to install absolutely anything on our devices. 

More and more services and companies are taking advantage of the benefits of the cloud, . So these developments will continue to improve. So it’s no wonder the cloud is going to become a standard. 

SPA web app 

Single-page web application development, better known as SPA, is expect to continue to advance and improve, being the frontend part of modern web application development. Today, we can find a large number of examples of this. 

Web development frameworks

Many experts consider that progressive development with frameworks will end up completely replacing web development. During this year there has been great growth in the development of Javascript. Also in web development frameworks for PHP, such as Symfony and Laravel, are increasingly use in development and the number of companies that use them has been growing a lot. 

Responsive web design 

This has been a standard for some time now, but there are still many sites that are not responsive. Responsive web designs are already a standard and are the future of any web page. It is important that it adapts automatically to the size of any device from which it is viewing, ensuring that the user experience is always the best. 


Progressive web applications, also known as progressive web apps, have had great growth in 2021 and their growth is not expect to slow down.

In short, progressive web applications allow, through Javascript, any web page to be installable on any device. 

Frontend and Backend separate 

If there is a trend that has come with great force, it is the trend that marks the separation between frontend and backend. You will no longer have everything mix up, . But the developers can be in charge of developing each part of the web app separately and in isolation. 

This is believe to be one of the fastest trends to become a standard among developers. 

REST API development

The development of RESTful APIs has become one of the most common web developments today, microservices and web services. Like the rest of the previous trends, this type of development is expect to continue to grow. 

Blockchain will change internet web development forever 

Those who have heard the word blockchain directly relate it to cryptocurrencies since this technology is conceive by the hand of Bitcoins. However, blockchain systems are a revolution that can be successfully applied in a large number of sectors and applications. Development experts are already working on the changes that this block system will represent for the internet. 

web development programmers
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The possibility of having a large database that is distribute and where everything is store in different immutable blocks, . Which no one can modify, will open a range of possibilities never before explore for coaches. 

Ethereum, creators of the Ether cryptocurrency, is one of the systems that allows creating Smart contracts with self-contain pieces of code that can define the agreements between both doors. Everything within the blockchain system. 

In this regard, Solidity is one of the languages ​​that must be taken into account, since it has a syntax very similar to Javascript and C. 

Javascript, Java and Python continue to dominate and improve web development

You don’t even have to be a developer or have an idea on how to code to have heard the names of these three programming languages. They are all so popular and useful that anyone has heard of them. 

The fact that these three languages ​​are still at the top is not only support by the ecosystem and the market share they have had for years: the latest trends also show strong support for Javascript, Java and Python.

These are some of the trends that will shape the future of web development.

The Python community has given great support to Machine Learning, in addition to the fact that many of the libraries that are use in Data Science are base on Python. Even Google has bet on TensorFlow, which has an API base on Python interfaces. This reinforces the strength that this language has in the current market, becoming one of the most request by companies. 

JavaScript continues to be one of the most use web ecosystems, having a lower increase than other languages. But it has its framework like Vue, React or Angular.

Likewise, Java also continues to be one of the key languages ​​in the development of large-scale applications, in addition to the fact that Big Data for the moment still continues to rely on Java, as may be the case with technologies such as Kafka or Spark. 

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